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Compilation is based on seminar held in Canada in 2011.
Film 1. Exercises to technique Nage Waza - seoin-age, ippon-seoi-nage, kouchi-gari 65 min.
Film 2 . Exercises to technique Nage Waza –sasae-tsurikomi-ashi, ouchi-gari,deashi-harai, okuri-ashi-harai 48 min.
Film 3. Exercises to technique Nage Waza – uchi-mata 50 min.
Film 4. Basics of ground fighting. Ne Waza. Movement. Changing positions of attack and defense Roll overs. 58 minutes.
In the seminar Katanishi examined the following topics:
throwing techniques; preparation of throw
movement of the athlete; grip.
The main focus of the seminar is how to teach the technique of judo.
This is seen not only from the demonstration throws
(Katanishi perfectly fulfills throws), but also at the show, support assignments, exercises with a belt.
Also keep in mind that it is a Japanese method of teaching judo.
The film will be useful for all: who loves judo, who is engaged in judo, teaching and studying judo.

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